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The music on this CD, composed and played by Gerald Krampl, developed of the originally composed sequences and loops which were used to acompany the fotos and texts in the multimedia presentation.
But under the impression of the mostly very tragical original fotos and eye witness reports, soon the wish arose to keep on writing and expand the existing musical material, and so to try in some way to set for the victims of those days something like a musical memorial.
Very classically inspired, and mostly very slow and dramatic themes with much piano, synths and virtua orchestra sounds have been the result, which surely demands from the listener his admittance to step into the mood of slowness, darkness and sadness.

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31Projects - a documentary about the Holocaust:

A non-profit multimedia documentary about the Holocaust in WW2 for the internet and TV, developed by Viennese multimedia producer Andreas Pflanzl - woom:mediaV3, which strongly focuses on educational means. Designed exclusively with original fotos and eye witness protocols made available by the European concentration camp commemorative place Auschwitz-Birkenau, with additional music composed by Gerald Krampl.
Unfortunately this presentation is no longer available in the web!




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Genre: Electronic/Classic
Label: Sandrose
Cat.Nr.: SCD 30.014
Release: 2006
Available as CD + Digital Album