The History:

1984: Founded by Gerald Krampl and production of the first LP "Indigo" of his group with the same name.
1985: Distribution cooperation with BMG Ariola and Weinberger Publishing - several singles of Indigo and also with other artists are released.
1988: Distribution cooperation with Alpha Music - two more Indigo singles are released.
1990-1994: Cooperation with the German WMMS company - in this time three Indigo CDs and two Kyrie Eleison re-releases on CD are produced.
2001: Founding of the "Sandrose" label for the new project Agnus Dei of Gerald and Hilde in the New Age genre.
2002: Release of the two CDs Lemuria and Merlyn - distribution agreement with Gopher Prod. for Canada - building up an online distribution in EU, USA and CAN - licence release of the complete Kyrie Eleison-recordings by Mio Records in Israel - 07.08.02: Hilde sadly dies of cancer!
2003: Exclusive distribution cooperation with M-System for all products in Germany. Promotionagency for AGNUS DEI in USA/CAN is since autumn now the US company - Musik International / PJ Birosik. First US media campaign with the new Agnus Dei CD - Angelos leads to signing a distribution deal with New Leaf Distribution for USA in November.
2004:Distribution deal for EU + CH with SILENZIO MUSIC Germany. Release of the forth Agnus Dei album - Gaia in EU, CH, USA and CAN.
2005: Release of two REIKI CDs in EU, USA, CAN,
Radio promo campaign in USA + CAN - more than 200 stations are playing Agnus Dei!
2006: Collaboration on the multimedia web- and TV documentary about the Holocaust - 31Projects, by writing the accompanying music, as well as producing a complete audio CD especially for this occasion.
2007: Start for the work on a new Solo Project. Originally planned as a piano CD, is the direction soon turned towards finally recording an electronic/progrock album, which can be seen as a "Soundtrack for imaginary films in mind".
The finishing is done in...
2008: and in autumn took place the release of the CD titled TIMEDIVER.
2009: First recording a CD with spoken fairy tales (in German) combined with especially composed music, which is finished in March, followed by the work for a new solo CD which is released at the end of the year, titled INNOCENT WASTELAND, as well as writing the music for the new web presentation of Andreas Pflanzl / woom.mediaV3 -
At the end of the year starts a new cooperation with the U.K based promotion company TSM of Nicky Baldrian.

Here is a glance inside Gerald´s own INDIGO SOUND Studio, where everything is produced:


Gerald Krampl
Arnikaweg 8/2
1220 Vienna

Fax:     +43-820220270630
UID Nr.: ATU54175805



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