Lighthouse (2010) - Impressions set to music, sparely instrumented with mainly piano, two electronic strings and electronic sound effects.
Innocent Wasteland (2009) - Classic & Minimalism meets Electronic and Ambient.
Wonder Way (2012) - Songs for Piano, Viola & Violin!
Solo Piano Collectibles (2013) - A collection of songs revisited from the last three studio albums plus three new tracks.
31Projects - The Music (2006) - Expanded Soundtrack of the web presentation and TV documentary.
Landscapes (2015) - A typical neo-classical / new-age solo piano album with 9 musical pictures of various landscapes.
...Until At Last, Night Closes In (2014) - Neo-Classical solo piano songs, recorded on one day on a Boesendorfer Grand in a theater in Vienna.

Timediver (2008) - Electronic soundtrack for imaginary films in mind.

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You can listen here to the music, or directly purchase the albums at our Bandcamp store, or visit our Shop Infos page.

      G E R A L D   K R A M P L      



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