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The Complete Recordings is a 2002 released limited edition 3CD-Box by Israelian Company "Mio Records" including the re-mastered recordings of the legendary album "The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise" as well as the first recordings of the band, titled "The Blind Windows Suite", and a live concert, recorded in Vienna 1975. Mainly the long concept storys of the "Fountain.."-album are very strong influenced by Genesis, while the other recordings are more straight rock-oriented and therefore show very clearly the development of the band.
Unfortunately Mio Records has been closed in the meantime, so this box is no longer regularely available!

The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise is the original release of the LP from 1977 on CD in 1991. A classsical Prog Rock album in the style of Genesis and Yes. On CD no longer available, but now again released as digital only download album, and planned to be re-released as well in a remastered version for download in the near future.

The Blind Windows Suite
was first released on CD in 1994, and is in fact a rehersal room recording of the first programm of the band. Despite the therefore limited sound quality has the album a great historical value, and shows in its very rough and rocking style the development of the band very well. As well planned to be re-released as a remastered digital album for download in the near future.

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Kyrie Eleison was a well known Austrian symphonic rock band, founded 1974 by Gerald Krampl (keyb.) together with two school friends, Karl Novotny (dr.) and Felix Rausch (guit.). Played on all bigger festivals in Austria together with groups like Van Der Graaf, Amon Düül, Eela Craig, Collosseum etc. Toured several times through the country with their concept of a "Symphonic Rock Theater" à la Genesis, and self-released a highly acclaimed LP: "The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise", which nearly brought the international breakthrough. But onlasting personnel troubles and the impossibility to produce a second LP led in the end to the split of the group in 1979.
Following musicians played (chronologically) in the band: Gerald Krampl (Keys), Wolfgang Wessely (Voc.), Michael Schubert (Voc.), Felix Rausch (Guit.), Manfred Drapela (Guit.), Gerhard Eder (Guit.), Gerhard Frank (Bass), Norbert Morin (Bass), Karl Novotny (Drums), Otto Singer (Drums).





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Genre: Prog Rock
Label: Mio Rec. / Cat.Nr.:
MIO-017-019 Release: 2002

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Genre: Prog Rock
Label: Indigo Music /Cat.Nr.: ICD 30.002 Release: 1991