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The Reiki-1: Heavens Gift CD is intended for the intuitive working Reiki practitioners, and with its continuous playtime of nearly 73 minutes encourages you to spend as much time as is needed in each body area to maximize energy flow. The waves and ocean sounds between each music selection act as a bridge that allows the energy to flow freely and gently lead to deep relaxation. The own experience also shows that most Reiki recipients require a more individual approach than the usual 3 - 5 minutes hand position change. This CD therefor enables practitioners and patients to focus more intensely for a longer period of time whenever necessary to bring about maximum benefits

The Reiki-2: Infinite Mind CD is especially intended for Reiki practitioners at least of the 2nd degree, and offers the benefit of sending Reiki energy over distances without having to use a watch or disturbing clock! The own experience shows that the most common time frames for remote energy sendings are 15 minutes and sometimes 20 minutes. Therefor this CD offers two timed music blocks with 15 minutes and one with 20 minutes, both opened with 5 minutes of ocean sounds for a short inner focusing meditation (Gassho) at the start.

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Insipring, spiritual music, compiled by Gerald Krampl of his four Agnus Dei "Music & Poetry" albums, connected with gently relaxing waves and ocean sounds. Both CDs came out of his own experience as a Reiki master and teacher, and they are ideal if you have a wish for "real music" which is as well relaxing and healing, and are not satisfied with the otherwise usual sound collages.
With the Reiki-2 CD exists now for the first time an unique support CD for the 15 and 20 minutes lapse of remote healing sessions with at least the 2nd degree!! Now there is no more necessarity for a watch or clock, and you can leave the energy flow freely.

                    Reiki-Music supporting "Healing Touch" and "Remote Healing" Therapies
(with the music of AGNUS DEI)



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Title: REIKI-1:Heavens Gift
Genre: Healing / Therapy
Label: Sandrose Cat.Nr.: SCD 30.011 Release: 2005

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Title: REIKI-2:Infinite Mind
Genre: Healing / Therapy
Label: Sandrose / Cat.Nr.: SCD 30.012 Release: 2005