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.com - Agnus Dei

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.com - Kyrie Eleison
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For streaming you can use Spotify, Rdio, Napster, Rhapsody, and many more services.

Resale informations for our CDs:

Retail stores in USA + CANADA please contact our local distributors for our CDs:

Super D/Phantom Distribution
Mark Grindle National Sales Manager, Indy Retail
17822 "A" Gillette Ave. Irvine, CA 92614, USA
Toll Free: 866-666-1170 Ext. 209
internet: www.sdcd.com
e-mail: markg@sdcd.com
fax: 866-666-5162

Gopher Productions, Inc. (only Agnus Dei CDs)
#304 - 1899 Cypress Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3L7, Canada
internet: www.gopherp.com
e-mail: gopher@gopherp.com

Retail stores in EU or other countries please contact: office@indigomusic.at

All our albums are available as lossless FLAC Downloads in full CD quality (or high-res mp3, AAC, whatever format you desire) including bonus material (digi booklets, bonus tracks etc.), as well as Audio CDs if available, at our secure online shop at BANDCAMP:

(PayPal or secure Credit Cards payment accepted)



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