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As the company IndigoMusic is in the meantime out of buisiness, please contact by interest Gerald directly via his homepage geraldkrampl.com!

If you are looking for:

A beautiful present for your regular customers, suppliers, staff, etc...

An exclusive Give-Away with a "long term efficacy", for binding customers or canvassing new clients...

A good possibility to bring your buisiness with a "musical calling card" in mind, and keep it in mind...

An especial gift for special purposes like Christmas, Easter, Jubilees etc....

A favorable additional sales product with a long term promotional effect for your buisiness at the same time...

Then we probably have the right thing for you!

Your exclusively for your buisiness branded Promotion CD containing selected Relaxing and Wellnessmusic of our original repertoire from our Agnus Dei "Music & Poetry" series and the Reiki Music series.

And now new - an exclusive classical fairy tales CD, with well known tales of the Brothers Grimm and H. Chr. Andersen, acompanied by especially composed relaxing pianomusic. Ideal for all companies alligned with kids, and it can also be personally branded for your buisiness. Please note: this CD is only available with German speech!

If you are intersted please contact us for detailed information and prices.
Editions start already from 50 items upwards, and prices are much cheaper as you might consider as we are the only copyrights owner!

Mail to: office@indigomusic.at / Subject: Promotion CDs inquiry



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