Polaroid database pictures (pdf) - November, 20th 2009

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NEW cameras in Database

300 KB

Automatic Packfilmcameras
300 KB
500 KB

SLR SX70/600
600 KB

SX70 fix
600 KB

950 KB

200 KB
Image/ Spectra
500 KB

600 without flash
300 KB

Vision SLR
200 KB
200 KB
600 round
400 KB
Funcameras Izone
650 KB
Pinhole - others
100 KB
600 new design
300 KB
700 KB
ONE 600
200 KB
Kodak instant (400KB)
Fuji Instax (300 KB)
Fuji Instant (300 KB)
wanted Polaroid (600 KB)
wanted Foton (170 KB)
wanted Kodak (100 KB)
wanted Fuji (200 KB)
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