The Matthias Achs & Son-Winery

The roots of our winery - "Matthias Achs & Son-Winery" - go back to the year 1626. We work an 20 hectares of vineyards - 2/3 of them planted white wine grapes and 1/3 with red wine grapes. Our wines are served in restaurants spread in whole Austria.

We work with modern techiques and equipment, but only when we can reach a higher quality level in using them.

In our region which is favoured by the pannonian climate - hot summers with a lot of sunshine and quite cold winters - it is possible to produce wonderful ice-wines. The grapes must be pressed frozen at temperatures of at least minus 6 degrees Celsius. On this way we produce high quality wines with lot of extracts - an absolute rarity in international winegrowing. The experience of the winemaker and the slow process of aging the wine are making those high qualities possible.

The red wines like Zweigelt, Blaufraenkisch, Pinot noir and Cabernet sauvignon are aged for one year in small oak-barrels. The white wines like Riesling, Pinot blanc, Chardonnay are aged in big barrels and stainless steel tanks, to keep them fresh and fruity. As family-owned winery we try to get the best quality and elegance on our wines which is possible.