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(Decembre 1, 1999)

0. The program name XAIPETE

Apart from the fact that its translation leads to a very pleasant result, the word XAIPETE has the advantage of being spelled with the same - i.e. similar looking - letters both in Greek and German, provided capital letters are used.

Its pronunciation is easy for classicists, others, however, may have more difficulties. In former years, the inhabitants of Vienna had the same problems with the pronunciation of VILLA XAIPE, a villa situated close by the Schonbrunn Palace.

The solution of the Viennese was stunning for classicists.

1. XAIPETE with euroscript

Handeuroscript is a program traded by NAS in Munich

Handeuroscript is a pure word-processing program

Handeuroscript is a program allowing largely free keyboard coding

I created a new font for EGA and VGA screens enabling Greek texts (including all vowels with all possible diacritical signs) to be shown.
There are corresponding keyboard-drivers switching between Greek and German coding on demand (i.e. by simple pressing of a button).
In addition, there are printer-fonts for ]IBM Proprinter and several models of NEC-needle-printers as well as for HP LaserJet Series II.

The program was used, above all, in the field of science, e.g. at the Institute of Byzantinistik and Neogräzistik of Vienna University.

Having unfortunately become obsolete, this system is, however, still used today.

2. XAIPETE with WordPerfekt

The particular abilities of WordPerfect for Windows (6.1 and 7.0) are fully utilized.

A special keyboard-driver corresponding to almost all programs for Windows 3.x, Windows95 and also - if slightly modified - Windows NT enables switching between Greek, Cyrillic and German coding.

The corresponding WP screen and printer fonts were completed by symbols not existing in the original texts. The standard document pattern was altered and a higher quantity of macros was added.

There are two versions:

Hand16-bit version for Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows95 (WP 6.1 and 7.0)

Hand32-bit version for Windows95 and Windows NT (WP 7.0)

There is (almost) everything, for instance:

Handalpha, eta omega with spirits (asper or lenis), accent (accute or gravis or circumflex) and iota subscriptum.

Handepsilon, iota, omikron with spirits (asper or lenis), accent (accute or gravis)

Handrho with spirits (asper or lenis)

Handkoppa, sampi, stigma, digamma

HandTurkish symbols such as i without dot

HandPolish special symbols such as L with cross-line

Handsome symbols from Ancient Slavonian and Cyrillic

Handligatures from French and Danish

Handsymbols like hint-arrow or crux

Griechische Sonderzeichen

Handeven non-Greek symbols can be combined with many diacritical signs

dot, line, bow below and above the symbols
practically all diacritical signs of Latin-writing based languages
as well as many more

Handimportant hint:

The keyboard-driver was created by my friend Dr. Josef Schiefer

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