Maria von Peteani & Johann Strauss, Jr.

"A discovery with surprising results." The author wishes to  express his sincere 
thanks to all the Ladies and Gentlemen who unselfishly supported him, in both advise and deed.

- 2 -

She created Title pages, fashion illustrations and Exlibris. Her picture-postcards with ladies' fashion creations appeared at "Munk" in Vienna.

Only in 1920 did she begin her literary career. She became well known for her 17 novels and 9 Radio Plays. She published series of local articles and a great number of short-stories and Fouilletons . From 1926 through 1938 she was a steady Fouilleton Contributor at the new "Wiener Tagblatt" for the "Getreuen Eckart" and at the "Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung."

On January 10, 1940, all of her activities as a writer and journalist were denied by the "Reich Literary Board." The violation of any of these legal decisions by the Reich Cultural Office could lead to prosecution and impose penalties against her.  

The writer was not in the position to present a complete proof of her Aryan origins. Her grandparents on her mother's side were shown in the Marriage Records of the Israelite Community Records in Vienna, to have been married in the Bohemian town of Horschitz (Horice) by Israel Goldschmied, Rabbi of Reichenau on the Krezna (Rychnow nad Kneznou) on July 15, 1851.  

In a touching reply, to the Reich Literary Board, she wrote -

"Outside of my writer's commissions, I have never received any other income, never received disability, financial support or pension income. When my last pennies are exhausted in need, what then? Let me again become a useful and productive member of community, let me receive goodness and joy, so that I can be able to give goodness and joy again. - Give me back my work!" 2."Linz City Archives"

Maria's friends and acquaintances fought for a ruling of exception, not an uncommon practice at this time, but it vain. An old and still living writer "colleague", who played a somewhat questionable role in this affair, cannot remembering anymore today. Maria died on July 28, 1960 in Linz. On the house where she lived and died, on Mozart Street No. 26, a Memorial Plaque has been placed.