Programs for the Commodore 64

My C64 Programs from the Eighties

My first own computer was a Commodore 64. I bought it in June 1984 together with a Datasette and a joystick and did a lot of programming on it from the beginning. Now I managed to transfer two of my old C64 programs to the PC with a self-built XE1541 cable.

You can download them with the following links and try them on an emulator or (better) transfer them to a real C64 to play them on the actual hardware they were written for.

  • Snake ... A Nibbler-like game I wrote in 1988.
  • Tetris ... A Tetris version for the C64 written in 1989.

    Here are some screenshots:

    Norbert Kehrer's Snake Norbert Kehrer's Snake
    Norbert Kehrer's Tetris Norbert Kehrer's Tetris