Norbert's Emulators

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page is very old. It was left here just for historical reasons. I hope to update it somewhen.

How can I download your emulators?

At the moment, I have no downloadable version of JAE, ONE, or NOSE. Maybe I will compile one in the future. Be patient.

I want to play the games offline. Is this possible?

Generally, offline play is not possible. Anyway, after starting a game you can disconnect from the internet and continue playing, without having to be online. To switch to another game, you have to get online again.

I want to install your emulators on my homepage. What do I have to do?

As stated above, there is no downloadable version of the emulators, so installation on other sites is not possible and not encouraged. Of course, you are welcome to link to my homepage.

The game xy runs too fast on my computer. Could you fix this?

My emulators have been developed over a long range of time (starting 1998). In this time I only had slow PCs available and could not test the timing very well. This is the reason for the wrong speed of some games. Of course, this is to be considered as a severe bug. I will fix it, when I find the time for it.

The game xy crashes after level 37 or so. Why?

Probably, there are still many bugs in the emulators. Crashes in high levels of the game are hard to fix, as I usually do not get that far. I am not sure, if I can fix this kind of bugs.

Where can I get the source code for your emulators?

The Java source code for my emulators is not publicly available at the moment. I will publish it, when the time for this step has come ;-).