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Cool Sites

Forum 64: Cool C-64 forum in German.

ABBUC Forums: Atari news.

AtariAge Forum: 8-bit Atari forum.

Hack a Day: Daily hacks.

Hack a Week: Keep on hacking. Microcontroller information.

ClassicCmp cctech Archive: Classic Computers mailing list.

The Coolest Emulation Links

Use the following links for the latest news and as starting points into the fascinating world of emulation. Some of these sites may not exist any more or mayb are not updated on a regular basis any more.

SYS2064: An excellent site for all the essential arcade emulation news. Try it. The first site that posted news about JAE. Thanks to Till.

Retrogames: Big news and emulation site - lots of news every day. My favorite after JoseQ's retirement.

MAMEWorld: Get all the MAME-related stuff there. I like it.

emulatronia: Very cool emulation site in spanish - muy interesante para todos los que hablan el Español.

MAME: The world's best arcade emulator. It supports thousands of unique arcade games - three of them are Super Tank, Mad Alien, and Dambusters for which I contributed the drivers :-)

MAMEdev: The great MAME developers' site is THE platform for all MAME development and always has the latest MAME versions.

unMAMEd: Bobby Tribble's great page of arcade games not (yet) emulated by MAME.

Emulators Unlimited: Very good news site. Has many cool hosted sites. This is one of THE classic emulation sites.

KLOV: The Killer List Of Video Games is the best information archive about classic video games.

CAESAR: The best and most complete reference for all emulators and the games they support.

Zophar's Domain: Visit the domain.

Arcade@Home: Big news and ROM site.

Geoshock: Cool design, lots of information. Try it.

Kinox: A very complete emulation news site. A must-visit.

VGC Zone: Highly recommended Vintage gaming site for german-speaking people. Sehr aktueller News-Bereich und Emu-Downloads. Schaut euch das an!. Fine Italian emulation news - Il sito italiano sull'emulazione.

ScreenMania: Opi's cool site with tons of arcade screenshots presented in a very nice way.

Emulation Headquarters: A very good site for emulation news and emulator downloads. Have a look. I think, Emulation Headquarters is the fastest to have new stories up.

Emucamp: Very good news site. Visit it.

JoseQ's Emu Views: A legendary emulation site. Although JoseQ doesn't update it anymore, the link is left here as a documentation of emulation history. Go there for the cool video game reviews and for nostalgia.
BTW, the talented graphics designer JoseQ made the logos of JAE and ONE. Thanks for all, JoseQ :-)