Norbert's Online Sega Master System Emulator

NOSE is an emulator of the Sega Master System written in Java. The emulated games can be played with Java-capable internet browsers. You need a fast PC to have acceptable speed.
NOSE emulates the CPU, the graphics chip, and the sound chip of the Sega Master System. There is still much work to do: missing features in emulation, GUI, and so on. They will be covered in the next release.
For the moment, I only uploaded one game to be played online with NOSE. But it is THE game for the Sega Master System.

Click here to play "Sonic the Hedgehog".
Click on the link above only if you are the legal owner of a Sega Master System and the emulated games If not, quit now ;-)

If the speed is not correct on your machine, try + and - on the keypad to set the frame skipping rate.

Greetings to Marianne and Fiffel :-)

This page is here only for historical reasons. NOSE is OFFLINE at the moment!