ONE, the Online NES Emulator

ONE is an emulator of the Nintendo Entertainment System written in Java. The emulated games can be played with Java-capable internet browsers. You need a fast PC to have acceptable speed.
ONE also has emulation for the NES audio chip, although the output quality is very bad. This is probably due to the bad sound capabilities of standard Java. I will try to improve it.
There are still many bugs and missing features. So there is many work to do for the next releases.
By clicking on the following link, you can try out some games, which more or less work already. It is planned to constantly increase the number of playable games.

Click here to play ONE.
Click on the link above only if you are the legal owner of a NES and the emulated games If not, quit now ;-)

If the speed is not correct on your machine, try + and - on the keypad to set the frame skipping rate.

This page is here only for historical reasons. The Online NES Emulator is OFFLINE at the moment!