Vantris, a Tetris Game For Vanguard Machines

Vantris is a homebrew game ROM for the "Vanguard" arcade machine (SNK 1981), which I programmed in 1998 in 6502 assembler. It is a new implementation of a classic game for an old machine.

Download and play it with the MAME emulator. The distribution contains the ROM binaries (MAME naming conventions), installation instructions, and the source code.

Here is a screenshot of the running game:

Norbert Kehrer's Vantris

It is great fun to program these old arcade machines - well at least their emulators ;-) Try it, too.

My next project is a Bust-a-move/Puzzle Bobble clone for the Gravitar arcade machine (Atari 1982) - a vector machine. This is a nice programming challenge, but hard work. I have a version with the balls flying around now, but there is still much to do. It will take some time, but one day I will finish it ("...because this is better than writing emulators" I say in January 2001).