QRSS signals received by OE5EEP

A fragmentary collection of signals I have received. A Kenwood TS-440 HF Transceiver and a dipole antenna for 30m have been used for all of these receptions. The audio is fed via an isolation transformer into a PC running HASAS under the Linux operating system. Screen shots were taken with Gimp , the GNU Image Manipulation Program, trimmed to size and converted to .gif files.

ON5EX multitone test
ON5EX on March 6, 2004 on 30m in a multitone experiment . This is a software allowing modulation of an SSB transceiver with several different signals at the same time with different signal strengths. The traces read (from bottom up): ARIANE, AIRJET, ZEPP, <undecodable>. Some intermodulation between the different signals is evident.

PA1SDB on March 20, 2004 in QRSS3 (= 3 sec dot length) with a very strong signal, which was even audible during reception. The signals stand out perfectly and read "<CW-ID> PA1SDB JO33KH"

G0UPL on October 8, 2004 in QRSS3 with his callsign followed by "73 DE G0UPL" in hell mode. Hans kept the QRSS community busy with his beacon experiments. Details about the construction of his beacon  and his reception reports can be found here .

The foundation is laid. I will present additional screen shots of my receptions as they come in. Your signal could be here!

last modification: October 27, 2004

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