One of the nice things about ham-radio is that you get to know a lot of people from all over the world.


Over the years Sissy and I have visited friends on 3 continents and we have been happy to reciprocate when people come to Austria.


We have not kept a precise log on who we have hosted in the last 2 decades but here are a few of the ones we remember:


AA4GT, Bernie and Frieda

W6NL (W6QHS) W6QL Dave and Barb Leeson

K7ZV, Rich and Barbara Chatelain

N2NEP (K7NEP) K2ZQ  John and Ruth Cunliffe

W6YA, Jim Cook

K3EST, Bob Cox

DL1DX, Erwin and Petra Eigensberger

DJ2HZ, Werner and Helga Zielke

C6AEY, Ottfried

S59A, Drago Milan

VK2DON, Don and June McLean

DJ1OT, Ernst

ZS5LB, Bert Lausecker

VK3MO, Ian Williams

K6QM, Charles and Rosemary Battig

OZ1XJ, Andrew John and Lissa Ladefoged

W6FY, Ben and Lynne Moses

I4LEC, Claudio and Francesca Capelli

LZ1JY, Nick Iconomov

DJ5YV, Klaus

DJ8QP, Volker “Gus” Buchwald

WB4NFO, Rana Pradyumna

F6CYL, F6DOX Ann and Michel Koloboff

4X6TT, Amir Bazak

W6SFG Bruce and Barbie Braun

NK4N, John and Linda Oakberg

N4ZC, Roger Burt

W0YR, Mike and Charlene Lonneke

N0AR, Lee and Betty Bergren

DF2BO, Tom and Diana Schmenger

K8GG, George Guerin

N6RC, Dick and Kandis Crouch

K5MS, Bob Rowe

K4VX, Lew Gordon

I2UIY, Paolo Cortese







Mike, W0YR, the booming voice w/o EQ

Jim, W7ZQ (middle), xyl Bonny, my dad

                                           Jim, W6YA

              Tom, DF2BO and Diana

At work with “Dr. Hi-Q Coil” Rich, K7ZV