Protozoa - Ciliophora - Hypotrichida

Morphology and Divisional Morphogenesis (Binary Fission, Ontogenesis, Stomatogenesis) of the Hypotrichida

Eschaneustyla brachytona Stokes, 1886 (Morphology, Divisional Morphogenesis and Reorganization in Eigner, P. 1994). Hypotrichida have a prominent adoral zone of membranelles, cirri on ventral and cilia on dorsal side

The Hypotrichida are considered the highest evolved single-celled organisms and their morphogenetic data is used for reconstructing phylogeny and evolution and for establishing a natural system. The cells are stained during morphogenesis for analyzing the ontogenetic processes. These processes reveal that seemingly homologous interphase cortical patterns are generated in fact by non-homologous morphogenetic processes. Therefore, these cortical patterns belong to different phylogenetic lineages despite their uniform interphase morphology.

"Tracing out the dynamics of the pattern during ontogeny can provide data potentially of great significance in determination of the organism's phylogenetic affinities" (John O. Corliss, 1968. Trans. Am. microsc. Soc., 87:1-20).


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Holosticha flavorubra var. rubra and H. flavorubra var. flava from ENTZ (1884)