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learned to play acoustic guitar at the age of 12, modified my first electric guitar into an electric bass at age 17.
1967: first time on stage with my own band (without name):

Hansi Bayer: guit
Charly Renner: drums
Petrus Wippel: ebass, voc

1968: Formed underground rock band
with legendary guitarist Lang Fredl, the (maybe) first austrian punker (this term wasn´t yet in use then).

The Time:
Alfred Lang: solo git,voc
Karl "Charly" Renner (played with Jandrisits in the bands "Rocking Stars" and "The Starfighters" before): drums
Harald Hasenhündl, keyb, voc
Wolfgang Kracher (later Franz Posch, then Günter Timischl): rhythm git, voc
Petrus Wippel, ebass,voc.

Lang Fredl and The Time

In 1969 Peter Szammer and Franz Posch joined. The latter, a well talentet guitar player, just 16 years old, was forbidden to play with us nasty guys by his parents. He was replaced by Günther Timischl (today the "second S" of STS).

The New Time:
Alfred Lang: solo guit, voc
Peter Szammer: drums
Harald Hasenhündl: keyb, voc
Günter Timischl: rhythm guit, voc
Petrus Wippel, ebass, voc.

First concert on april, 7th.1969. three months later Szammer und Timischl left the band and founded MAGIC 69, I changed to MUSIC MACHINE. 

1969: joined the rock group MUSIC MACHINE:

MM4er.jpg (23468 bytes)
Music Machine (from left to right): Josef Jandrisits, Boris Bukowski, Schiffkowitz, Millner (in the rear at the keyboard), Petrus Wippel.

Music Machine:
Josef "Pepsch" Jandrisits: solo guitar, voc (composer of the hit "Fürstenfeld" performed by STS)
until 1970: Schiffkowitz: rhythm guitar, voc (today the "third S" of STS)
1970: Michael Millner: piano (later with Turning Point, then guest musician with STS)
Boris "Goochie" Bukowski: drums, voc (later Magic 69, today solo career)
Petrus Wippel: ebass,voc

Music sample at Rockarchiv Steiermark

Music Machine as a Trio (l to r): Petrus Wippel, Boris Bukowski, Josef  Jandrisits

Poster by painter "Country" "Country" Franz Landl, our sound and light engineer.

1972: formed rock group MASHUUN

mashuun.jpg (18447 bytes)

Mashuun (l to r):
Peter Szammer: drums (later guest musician and sound engineer with STS)
Franz Posch: git (later with Turning Point)
Josef Jandrisits: git (later with the legendary german Krautrock band Guru Guru)
Petrus Wippel: ebass
Wolfgang Erwa: sound
Gert Steinbäcker: vocals (later EAV, today the "first S" of STS)

Mashuun on stage (l to r): Pepsch Jandrisits, Franz Posch, Gert Steinbäcker, Petrus Wippel, Peter Szammer

10.02.1973: Live recordings for a double LP together with the rock group Magic 69 (never released).

LP: "Underground Made in Styria" with bands Mashuun and Magic 69
(Rex Record RRL 008)

Music samples at Rockarchiv Steiermark

July 1973: Mashuun left Austria to make it big in Germany, but split there in 1974 without having played a single note together anymore.

1987: Joined the band of CARL PEYER and touring Austria with him (Hit single: "Romeo and Julia"- Music by Nino Holm, lyrics by Thomas Spitzer, both EAV).

1998: Project BLU:
Blue Thier: voc
Nino Holm (ex EAV): guit, voc
Norbert Decker: sax, keyb, voc
Gerhard Schneller: drums
Petrus Wippel: ebass

since 1998: sporadic Jam-Sessions with various guest musicians
the core was:
Markus Zeiner (ex Vögel Europas, Antique Ants, Soloprojekt kelvin raah): guit
Gerhard Schneller: drums
Alfons Kammerlander (Da-Fonz): voc
Petrus Wippel: ebass

from 2001 onwards the core was:
Peter Szammer (ex Time, Mashuun, Magic 69, STS): drums
Andi Beit (ex Magic 69, Blizz Frizz): hammond, keyb.
Ewald Beit (STS): keyboards
Klaus Ambrosch (Jack LeMonds, Maoam, etc.): guit
Petrus Wippel: ebass

guest musicians:
Nino Holm (ex EAV): guit, keyb
Reinhard Weixler (Blizz Frizz): voc
Michael Millner (ex Music Machine): keyb
Franz Posch (ex Time, Mashuun, Magic 69): guit
Kametler Christian  (Blue Groove): guit
Wolfram "Woofy" Abt (0pus, STS): bass
Erich Reinberger (ex Music Machine): bass
Franz Zettl (STS): brass
Josef Jandrisits (ex Music Machine, Mashuun, Guru Guru): guit, voc
Franz Kaltenecker (The Earls): keyb
Thomas Stimpfl (The Earls): guit
Erich Sammer: git
Ingrid Moser (Die Dolen): voc
Achim Kirchmair (Die Dolen): guit
Tom Rohm: guit, voc
Hannes Urdl: drums, guit, voc
Arthur Fandl: bass, trombone

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