Gandalf der Weise

Gandalf der Weise

Don't believe in what you see, do what you feel.

Hello out there,

This page is devoted to my character Gandalf which is used for personal related things and you may find it in chats, love lines and all kind of personal discussion groups.

In case you don't know Gandalf is a character from Tolkiens Lord of the Rings.

In principle Gandalf is magician, but his real role is the old wise man, who knows everything. He is also the only one who has the overview on what really happens and why one should act in this way.

That's the reason why I have chosen this character recently.

Sometimes you may find Gandalf in combination with the number 42. It doesn't stand for an age or any random number. No, it originates from Douglas Adams Hitch Hikers Guide and is the solution to the last open question about the world, the existence of the galaxy and the sense of our life. Feel the magic of love

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Gandalf is a nickname for Kurt Siegl