The history of the most popular motorcycle company of Austria ...
Johann Puch, the founder of the company was born on the 27th of June in 1862 in the Lower Styria (today former Yugoslavia). At the age of 27 the young mechanic fulfiled his dream of opening his own garage for an absolute new sports equipment: The bicycle!

Johann Puch

But not only racing success made this Austrian brand so popular. First of all hundredthousand of people were able to organize their everyday life easier and gave their leisure time a new dimension of mobility. So the motorbike was the individual means of transport for the Austrian through many decades. In the chaos of the years after World War II, Puch motorbikes were a symbol of the rebuilding of Austria.
He produced his in Europe wellknown bicycles under the name of "Styria". At this time the location of his company was allready Graz. Since 1898 he has been busy with the construction of motor vehicles. In 1906 he started to manufacture motor vehicles. Because of his bad state of health he decided to retire of the management in 1912. A few days before World War I started, Johann Puch died at a meeting with business partners. Today his name stands in one line with Daimler, Benz, Norton, Lohner or Ford.

The brandname Puch is worldwide insperable connected with the motorbike. Puch became world-famous with his motorbikes. Great sports results have written the history of the company. Puch won various of the most difficult international races in the earlier time of history.
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Puch still produced, like after World War I, reliable, tough but also sporty motorbikes. Also in this epoch of racing, Puch had a lot of success in various races. For example they won motocross world championchips or set up some world records.
Puch also guided the development of the moped. The first model, the legendary MS 50, showed motorbike technology. The automatic transmission moped Puch Maxi became a synonym for a complete category of motorbikes.
The engineer's of Puch were always one of the most innovative and ranked first on many developments.
Source: "Das große Puch-Buch" - F. Ehn, Weishaupt Verlag
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