Ro_col_2003.jpg (47801 Byte)Biography

Hello, my name is Robert Neunteufel.

I  grew up and went to school in Linz/Donau in Upper Austria (1950-1968).

After staying 18 years in Vienna I have been living for 23 years now   together with my wife - Solveig Neunteufel-Arnold - in -> Knittelfeld, a small district city in the province of -> Styria.


austria_sw.GIF (6225 Byte) I have been studying  mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Vienna and educational theory at the Universities of Innsbruck (Ph.D. 1975) and Klagenfurt. For four years I have been active as a students representative.

My professional career began at the Ministry for Science and Higher Education in Vienna. Then I worked for 10 years at the Chamber of Labour in Vienna ( an organisation cooperating with the trade unions ). In the late 80ies I have been in the position of the informations-manager at the Technology-Transfer-Center in Leoben (Styria).

Since 1989 I am working at the department for educational-politics in the -> Chamber of Labour in -> Graz (capital of the province of Styria). I am responsible for the field of higher education, for education-counseling, for workshops on personal financial mamagement and for the analyses of the impact of the new information  technologies on the development of qualifications.

In the last years my interests concentrated on the topics "Time" and "Money":

I am coordinating the Styrian Regional Group  of the Society for the Deceleration of Time.

Together with two experts on counseling for consumers and debtors I have been adapting the very successful US concept "Your Money or Your Life" to the Austrian situation. As a member of FI-Associates I keep in touch with the US activists who are promoting the YMoYL-concept for a sustainable personal financial management.