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The topics "Work", "Money", "Time" and "Future" are closely connected with each other.
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Future - Questions

What would our earth look like, if all people would use as much land, water, air, energy, raw materials and industrial products as the richest 5% of the inhabitants of the industrialized countries?

Why is mankind learning only by shock or catastrophes?

Is the speed of the technical, economic and social change reasonable and bearable for individuals and smaller and bigger communities?

Is the unlimited growth of work and consumption leading to an unlimited growth of ecological destruction and in consequence to a "no future" situation?

Can the results and methods of biocybernetics and evolutionary science contribute to a better understanding of the complex relations between man, nature and technics?


Future - Quotations

From the Declaration of The Cub of Rome
"We, the members of the Club of Rome, are convinced that the future of humankind is not determined once and for all, and that it is possible to avoid present and forseeable catastrophes when they are the result of human selfishness or of mistakes made in managing world affairs. It is important to emphasise the signs of hope and progress accomplished. We must also combat the threats to humankind, and be aware that these issues of survival are becoming ever more urgent."

Learning by Shock
"Our society is tending to wait, until a crisis is stimulating creative learning. The risk of the learning by shock: the consequences can be fatal and irreversible." (No limits to learning)

Working Until Extinction
"Over the milleniums work as the source of consumption has been leading to an ever growing amount of produced goods. Work has therefore become a nearly irresistible destructor of ecology. There is only one way to avoid our extinction: to get out of the "working and consuming society", the liberation through leisure!" (Hans Joachim Rieseberg)

Keynote: Integrative Thinking
"The answers to our problems are coming from the future and not from yesterday! The world of tomorrow will in a high degree depend on integrative thinking - in school und job, in private live and in society." (Frederic Vester)

 Man - a "Hyperceller"
Hans Hass, an Austrian biologist, is calling the "unit of power" man plus his tools (including organizations like companies and states) a "Hyperceller", who is under the same rules of evolution as any other species in the living world and has been very successful.
Hans Hass is also calling attention to the serious threats for a durable existence of life, which are the results of human activities. (Die Hyperzeller, german only)

Mind-Mapping, a powerful analytical instrument
"Mind Mapping means for the information- and space-age what linear notes ment for the industrial-age. ... A Mind Map is an expression of the radial thinking and therefor a natural function of human spirit. It is a powerful grafical technology, a universal key for activating the potential of our brain. Mind Maps can be used for a lot of purposes: planning, learning, analyzing, presentation and so on." (Tony Buzan)

Resilient Communities
"An increasing number of people are saying they want a different life than that being offered by industrial-era society. ...  More and more people are beginning to examine the ways in which they are living their lives. Those of us doing so are saying that we want less stress and more time. We're saying we want to have positive impact on the global environment rather than a destructive one."

Future - Literature

Reports to the Club of Rome - Limits to Growth

* Meadows, Donella H. (and others): The limits to growth: a report for the Club of Rome's project on the predicament of mankind, 1972

* Meadows, Donella H. (and others): Beyond the Limits, 1992

* Botkin, James W. (and others): No limits to learning: Bridging the human gap, 1979

Future - Scenarios

* Toffler, Alvin: Future Shock, 1970

* Callenbach, Ernest: Ecotopia, 1975

New ways of life

*Dominguez, Joe und Robin, Vicki: Your Money or Your Life - Transforming your relationship with money achieving financial independence, Pengiun Books

Mind Mapping:

* Buzan, Tony und Buzan, Barry: The Mind-Map-Book


Future - Links

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