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Life Expectancy of Animals

The life-expectancy of animals depends on their size and the speed of their energy consumption. Large animals which live in a rather slow and low-energy mode are living longer.  Smaller animals which live in a rather fast and high-energy mode are living shorter.   Some examples with their life-expectancy in years:

Tiere Lebensdauer 2.gif (126289 Byte)

Life Expectancy of Women and Men

The following chart shows the life-expectancy of women and men in connection with their actual age. The lifetime left is measured with 50% of the expected hours ,  those 50% that are not committed to sleeping, eating and hygenic purposes, but are free for a conscious "design" of ones life. This chart is illustrating the top-idea of "Your Money or Your Life": "Money is something we trade our life-energy for!"

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