Dear fans,

A whole new version of Sapphire Yours is
coming to a PC or mobile device near you.

To no longer keep you waiting, I have decided to release the current state of development for free to the community (but not to be used in third party commercial products).
Download is available at my github repository
Have much fun
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Sapphire Yours

System requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
DirectX 3.0 or higher
Pentium 133
4 MB Hard drive space
The emerald

About the game

"Sapphire Yours" is a shareware computer game on the PC. The game consists of several levels (about 360 by now) where each one represents a different and unique logical puzzle. The levels are sorted by difficulty, so unexperienced players can start with the simple ones until they get skilled enough to try the more tricky. With the level editor it is also quite easy to create totally new levels and let friends try them (and watch them go crazy over it).

History of Sapphire Yours

The original ancessor of the game was the legendary "Boulder Dash" for the Commodore-C64. There the main ideas of the game were already present. Of course in these days the graphical power of the machine was not that of today and the game has been very much improved as it has been ported to the Commodore Amiga. The version on the Amiga was called "Emerald Mine". Since this name is protected by Kingsoft, we chose "Sapphire Yours" as the name of the game (I think you got the joke).

What is so special about this distribution ?

There are many clones of the good old Boulder Dash on the shareware market today. So just why use this one?
The answer is simple: Levels
My friends and I made it to a religion to build levels as strange and difficult as anyone could possibly imagine. The best ones are always the small ones. There is for example a series of levels only 5 by 3 fields big that could easily win any award for extreme trickyness.
If you like puzzles or chess problems or stuff like that, you are absolutely right with this game.

Picture gallery

For those of you who are curious what this game looks like, we have provided a few screenshots of the main menu and some levels:

Main menu Power Plant Pea Soup Shields Up! Softies Tea Time Bombodrome Lightmare

Reinhard Grafl