Linux and Toshiba 1955-S803

Preface: Most of the information here was gathered on the web, and is merely a summary of how I set up my computer. It serves 2 purposes. A reminder for myself, in case I do something really stupid to my Computer, on how to set it up again and secondly to help others to have most pitfalls on one page. Sift through the Useful Sites to see the original postings that helped me.

I have owned this computer for almost a year now and it comes with a 2.5GHz Pentium 4 processor, 1 GB of RAM and a 60GB HDD. It also features an NVIDIA Geforce 440 Go Video Card. I recently installed Redhat Fedora Core 3 after using Redhat 9.0 Shrike for almost the entire time, and in addition to Linux I dadmit Win 2000 on a second partition, mostly for gameplay.
The decision to use Linux came after quite some time of using Windows only. I disliked Windows XP and once I had to reinstall everything I thought I might as well play with another partition for an additional operating system.