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Chipper programme

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The increased costs associated  with the conventional energy carriers are leading to more openness when it comes to the application of renewable raw materials
  • Production of efficient machines (rotary cutter with insensitive drum chopping principle and wood diameter range from 260 mm to 800 mm) for chipping (chopping) a wide variety of difficult materials (wastewood, short wood, stumps, logyards debris, trim ends, demolition debris, telephone poles, timber, landclearing debris, bark, greenwaste, bushes, branches, paletts, crates, veneer, cores, spin-outs and variable length material, plastic wastes and containers,...)
  • Mobile and fixed installed drum chippers with driving force from 30 KW to 450 KW
  • Use for:
      • Producing wooden chips for the combustion in biomass-heating systems
      • Producing mixed manure
      • Producing soil-covering material
      • Volume reduction of various waste materials (plastic and other special waste products)
  • Types with standard equipment or in customized design with various technical peculiarities
  • Uses in: forestry, lumber industry, sawmills, joineries, carpentries, municipal enterprises, landscaping gardeners, mixed manure producing companies, waste disposal firms,...
drum chipper U-260-diesel engine
drum chipper Mk50-tractor drum chipper Mk 62-diesel engine drum chipper Mk 86-diesel engine
drum chipper U-93-tractor drum chipper Mk 98-tractor-container drum chipper Mk 98-truck drum chipper U-1200-truck
drum chipper Mk 98-tractor

     U-260           U-93            Mk 50             Mk 62              Mk 86             Mk 98            Mk 98            Mk 98              U-1200 (drum chipper model)                                                                                                                                                            

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