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Sundial for Decimal French Hours (32 KB)

Dial type :Wall sundial, vertical, flat
Declination of the wall : d = - 76° 12' (east southeast)
Time display : a) Hour lines of the French revolution (officially valid in Italy from 22.9.1794 to 7.4.1795): The French hours (blue Roman digits) corresponds with normal equinoctial hours (blue hour lines) as follows : II = 6; III = 8; IV = 10 and V = 12 ; Babylonian hours from 1 to 6 ; Astrological houses (CASA) from X to XII.
Date and declination : Date lines regarding the equinox path and the solstices.
Style : artistic
Artistry and craftsmanship : Left of the clock face the calendar of the French Revolution is displayed on a square dice, above it an hour-glass with the "Jakobinermütze" as well as a banner with the inscription "LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE", at the side a vertical sundial (refer to picture below).
Detail : Calendre Repubkicain (21 KB)Gnomon : Horizontal gnomon with ball at the end.
Construction date : 2000
Designer : Righi Renzo, Corregio(RE)
Artistic design : Maria Luisa Montanari, Cogruzzo(RE)

Explanation :

This sundial offers data which are already historic. Babylonian hours might be familiar to sundial friends. They are found on many sundials. The French Revolution hours as well as the astrological houses, displayed in the right upper corner, are not commonly known. A more detailed description follows :

The entire astrology is based on dividing the sky into twelve sections, called heavenly houses (domus coelestes). According to Drecker, there are four completely different classifications. They only have one thing in common: the origin of the division is the Aszendens. This is the most frequent rule: The dividing big-circle are position circles, that is, they go through the North and South point of the horizon, but they divide the equator into 12 equal parts (according to Regiomontanus). The houses are numbered with 1 to 12 in East direction.
On the clock face by Righi, the houses (CASA) X through XII are displayed in the upper right corner.


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