.about szda

the man behind SZDA, was born in the middle of the 80s in vienna. in the early years, he grew up in vienna and in frankenau. two years after his birth, his family went back to the burgenland. in frankenau he then went to elementary school.

from 1994 to 1998, he attended the convent school "marianum" in steinberg. afer the secondary modern school, he went to the commerical highschool in oberpullendorf. after four years he stopped because he discovered his creative site, which he wanted to encourage. so he went to vienna and made a media-technician at the BBRZ in vienna simmering. he graduated the training in 2004 successfully. in the following years, he worked for diferent companies (Vienna International Airport, Tele2, Mobilkom Austria, Repa Copy)