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Constanta -  2009

Result of the race .......

Gut Flug !!!........Gut Flug !!! ........Gut Flug!!! ..........Gut Flug !!!.........Gut Flug !!! .........Gut Flug !!!..........Gut Flug!





Kindly inform that there will be organized marathon flight i.e. international race of racing pigeons from CONSTANTA, Romanien. It will be organized by the club “MAKSIMIR” Zagreb and there will be competitors from Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


CONDITIONS OF THE RACE        Trari Trara die Post ist da

-minimal distance of the pigeon house is about  800 km !!!

-application for the race with number of pigeons in writing form up to 01.05.2009 (by e-mail or by post is acceptable)

-payment for the registered pigeons up to 30.06.2009 at price 10,00 EUR each.

-transport of pigeons will be organized by truck with cases. In each case will be 15-20 pigeons. /*

-packing of pigeons will take place in Zagreb, Horvatovac 43, 16.07.2009. from 10.00 to 13.00 a.m.

-releasement of the pigeons will be 18.07.20095 (Saturday) from 10.00 to 11.00 a.m.

-pigeons could be registered electronically or by watches.

 Each pigeon shall get additional controll ring which number each competitor has to register at the organizer of flight during one hour counting from the time of registration of the pigeon. Those pigeons, who will come without the additional controll ring, will remain without results.

To the organizer of the flight, i.e. to the club “MAKSIMIR”,  controll ring will put competitors from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Additional controll rings will be put on the pigeons in Zagreb at once.

Competitors in their own club areas are putting rings on the pigeons, opening and closing the watches and so ringed pigeons with the FORM 1 (in two copies) are delivered in Zagreb on additional ringing procedure.

Upon the flight is finished, The Advisory Comittee of the each club are sending to the orgenizer fullfilled FORM1 with the bands of the watches (if they are not by electronical system) and all ADDITIONAL controll rubbers of the pigeons who aimes the goal.  Mechanical watches could be started more times if there is need for this, but with the presence of The Advisory Comittee of the concerned club.

-There will be prize-winning list for the 33% of all competitors, meters pro minute, and will last max 14 days.


REWARDING    Trari Trara die Post ist da

-first pigeon from the list is rewarded with 200.00 EUR

-all national winners (three pigeons) are rewarded with 150.00 EUR each

-The second, the third, the fourth in and fifth pigeon from the list “33%” are getting 50.00 EUR each

-The first pigeon on th list is getting 200.00 + 150.00 EUR i.e. in total 350.00 EUR

and can be registered in the team.






THE TEAMS    Trari Trara die Post ist da

THE THREE PIGEONS TEAM- three pigeons secured a good positions with the smallest sum total from the list “33%” ( for example 5,7,9-21 point) The prize for the best team is 200.00 EUR.

THE TWO PIGEONS TEAM- two pigeons secured a good positions; the others conditions are the same as for the above mentioned team. The prize for the them is 150.00 EUR.

The same pigeon can take part only in one team. One competitor can have the first two teams with 5 (five) different pigeons.


THE CUPS    Trari Trara die Post ist da

The first 10 pigeons from the list “33%” are getting the cups.


THE BETTING    Trari Trara die Post ist da

The amount for each pigeon is 5.00 EUR. The prize will be payed out only for those pigeons that were betted in advance.

1.st place is 50% of the collected amount in total

2.nd place is 30% of the collected amount in total

3.rd place is 20% of the collected amount in total .

In case that more than 300 pigeons will be registered and betted, the organizer will increase the fond of rewards i.e. number and the amounts could be higher concerning the amount of the bets.


The awards celebration will take place during September, 2009, in Zagreb.


THE REGISTRATION    Trari Trara die Post ist da


The registration of the pigeons and answers on possible questions regarding race on address:

Mr. Vlado Zegarac, Horvatovac 43, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: 00385 1 4633210 or mob. 00385 98 281 449

e-mail: vlado-zegarac@net.hr


For all remittances of the competitors from Croatia please contact cash-keeper of the club “MAKSIMIR”

Mr. Tihomir Mahovlic, Lelijska 21, 10000 Zagreb

Mob. 00385 98 9821036

Competitors to the race "Constanta 2005":


  Club "Maksimir" WEB: www.dmwolf.hr/skuglmaksimir/        
        Constanta fanciers , number of pigeons and clubs,country
Nr. Km          Name pcs. Club Country             Nr   Km              Name pcs Club Country
1 914,1 Patek 5 Lipik HR   45 929,38 Mišljan 3 Polet HR
2 971,99 Belić 5 Prelog HR   46 929,47 Sertić 2 Polet HR
3 977,6 Stuhne 5 Letač HR   47 929,71 Ladišić