Unwanted Cinema
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Katharina die Letzte
Franziska Gaal

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Unwanted Cinema

Documentary film
by Petrus van der Let and Armin Loacker

90 minutes documentary film about the independent film production in Vienna and Budapest during the 1930s, about the so called “Unwanted Cinema”, unwanted by the National Socialists.

The documentary shows the exclusion of Jewish film makers after Hitler took power in Germany and how this led to an independent filmproduction in Vienna and Budapest from 1934 till 1937. With previously unpublished archive material are portrayed: Hermann Kosterlitz (Henry Koster), Felix Joachimson (Jackson), Joe Pasternak, Otto Wallburg, Hans Jaray, Franziska Gaal, Rosy Barsony, Hortense Raky, Oskar Pilzer, Zoltan Vidor, Ernst Verebes.

  • Length: 90 min. and 60 min. version available
  • Format: Digi Beta, PAL, Stereo
  • Director: Petrus van der Let
  • Camera: Walter Wehmeyer, Benjamin Epp, Hartmut Schulz, Paul Tutsek
  • Production: Petrus van der Let Filmproduktion in cooperation with Új Budapest Filmstúdió, ORF, Filmfund Vienna, Filmarchive Austria, Jewish Broadcaster, Duna-TV and Robert Koster.
  • Festivals and Screenings: December 15th 2005 Metro-Cinema, Vienna; February 2nd 2006 Hungarian Filmweek; Mai 4th 2006 Mediawave Györ; June 4th and June 6th 2006 Votivkino, Vienna
  • DVD-Video: "UNWANTED CINEMA" - National Film Network, U.S.A. www.nationalfilmnetwork.com (877) 888-4395 ext. 6344; (917) 522-5691
  • World sales: vanderlet.p@aon.at
  • Trailer: www.youtube.com/user/AlibriVerlag