last update 28.01.2004


This is a Logger based on Dietrich Meissners Datalogger2.


A friend of mine made a new PCB-layout of the logger with a connector - therefore no more soldering is necessary when sensor setups are changed or the logger is connected to a Computer or Palm device or even for reprogramming the PIC-processor. From this version we made a small series of PCB's and assembled them for our friends.

Since we made some for spare we can offer them for a very moderate price to other modelers.

For further Info contact me:


Technical data:

  • Logger V2

  • PIC Firmware: V2.9Y (Update possible via connector)

  • Dimensions LxBxH: 40*23*12mm

  • Weight: 11g incl. cable

  • Operating current: 12mA

  • Powersupply: from RC-receiver


Basic Functions:

  1.  Height with pressure sensor (adjustable range ca. 700m, resolution ca. 0,8m)

  2.  Supply voltage

  3.  3xRC-pulselength (e.g. for range checks)

  4.   Enable/disable log via RC-channel  



  •   Current sensor (amplifier is already on board)

  •   Vario for rise/sink indication (amplifier is on board, tone may be transmitted via optional RF-module)

  •   Freqency measurement (for high rpm-logging)

  •   Periode measurement (for low rpm-logging)

  •   Connect additional 24Bit ADC for general purpose

  •   temperature measurement with optional DS18S20

  •   optional GPS-receiver


 Dataoutput: to PC or Palm device via COM-Port.