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Here, I have selected some MIDI files from my Latino Collection.

They may give, a little, a feeling of a section of the Latin American Music.

If problems are for save, see below on this page.


Latino MIDI Files Download


Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Samba, Lambada, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rhumba, Bolero

Click on a MIDI title, then the MIDI comes to you.



Abusadora - cumbia
Length: 03:57
Size: 77,0 KB

Boca Dulce - cha-cha-cha
Length: 03:59
Size: 72,3 KB

 Ricardo in concert
Ricardo Montaner

was born in Argentina,
raised in Venezuela.
Latino singer.

Cachita (Ricardo Montaner)
Length: 05:13
Size: 82,5 KB

Colegiala - cumbia
Length: 04:20
Size: 50,2 KB

Cruz de Navajas
Length: 04:50
Size: 54,5 KB

Despasio - rhumba
Length: 03:27
Size: 51,5 KB

Length: 03:51
Size: 71,6 KB

El Talisman - rhumba (Rosana)
Length: 03:39
Size: 55,5 KB

El Tigueron (Josie Esteban)
Length: 05:32
Size: 65,1 KB

Length: 03:33
Size: 34,1 KB

Length: 04:13
Size: 84,6 KB

I Like it Like That - modernsalsa
Length: 04:04
Size: 49,0 KB

 Ricky in concert
Ricky Martin

was born and raised in
San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Latino singer.

La Copa de la Vida (Ricky Martin)
Length: 04:15
Size: 88,0 KB

La Copa del Mundo (Ricky Martin)
Length: 04:32
Size: 119 KB

La Gota Fria - cumbia
Length: 03:46
Size: 94,0 KB

Lambada (Kaoma)
Length: 03:21
Size: 69,7 KB

 Jennifer says: Hello!
Jennifer Lopez

was born in the Bronx, New York.
Actress and pop singer.
Latin pop album.
Latin influence in pop music.

Lets Get Loud (Jennifer Lopez)
Length: 03:56
Size: 58,1 KB

 Lou often in holiday outfit
Lou Bega

was born in Germany,
moved to Florida.

Lou says: In this world are so many
good things, especially the women,
beginning with my mother.

Mambo No. 5 (Lou Bega)
Length: 03:34
Size: 69,2 KB

Mambo No. 8
Length: 03:03
Size: 33,6 KB

Maria (Ricky Martin)
Length: 03:53
Size: 75,3 KB

Matriz e Filial
Length: 03:50
Size: 32,0 KB

Memiras - merengue
Length: 04:10
Size: 56,4 KB

Length: 04:55
Size: 61,0 KB

Morena - salsa
Length: 04:19
Size: 87,6 KB

Nadien ce Muere - merengue
Length: 03:33
Size: 60,0 KB

Patacon Pisao - salsa
Length: 05:52
Size: 88,4 KB

Puente - salsa
Length: 04:30
Size: 84,7 KB

Si Tu Me Dices
Length: 03:15
Size: 19,5 KB

Sin Documentos
Length: 04:43
Size: 51,9 KB

Suavemente - merengue (Elvis Crespo)
Length: 04:25
Size: 50,5 KB

Ultima Copa - merengue
Length: 05:54
Size: 77,4 KB

Una Cancion - merengue
Length: 03:12
Size: 49,7 KB

Y Nos Dieron las Diez
Length: 05:12
Size: 48,6 KB





Latin American music contains Spanish and also Arab sounds.

To the comparison:


Arabic MIDI Files Download



Here are four only,

but THESE are HERE!


 Diana in a show
Diana Haddad

a Lebanese singer,
was born in Kuwait,
moved to Lebanon.
She is based in Dubai.

Amma Neh (Diana Haddad)
Length: 04:48
Size: 122 KB

Katabtak (Asala Nasri)
Length: 04:06
Size: 61,4 KB

Lelt Alabd Ala Fatma (Omar Khayrat)
Length: 03:36
Size: 49,1 KB

 !! Samira !! (Words are not necessary!)
Samira Said

was born in Morocco,
challenged to move to Egypt.

Shrook (Samira Said)
Length: 04:40
Size: 110 KB





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For saving a MIDI file:
Right-click on your MIDI Player, then left-click on "save as".

Problems for save?, read:
Depending upon configuration, can be, "save as" is not always clickable.
Try: While your MIDI player, for the first time, !! begins !! to play the
MIDI, right-click on the player, then left-click on "save as".

Another way for save:
Right-click on a MIDI title, then left-click on "save target as".

About the designation MIDI, I think as follows:

The designations "MIDI" or "MIDI file" for a playable sound file and the
designation "MIDI player" are linguistically not quite correct. But they
are short and mostly used and the user know like them are used.
Therefore I use these designations presently, nevertheless.

MIDI means "Musical Instrument Digital Interface". MIDI is an interface!
An interface is not playable.

The designation "Text file" states: This file contains text.
The designation "Graphic file" states: This file contains graphic.
The designation "Program file" states: This file contains a program.
The designation "MIDI file" states: This file contains a MIDI.
A playable sound file, in a MIDI compatible format, does not contain
a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).
Therefore the designation "MIDI file" is for this not correct.

The designation "MIDI player" states: This player can play a
"Musical Instrument Digital Interface". That is not correct.
A player cannot play an interface. Or did someone see a player,
who plays an interface? That would be a Must see!

I think, so for a long time as, new, short, pleasing names for it are
not created, are correct definitions and designations:
For the file: MIDI compatible sound file.
For the player: MIDI compatible sound file player.

These designations are too long for often use, therefore are mostly
used the linguistically not quite correct but shorter designations.


If you find MIDI files that should not be here due copyright infringements
please e-mail me, I will remove them. It is not my intention to breach
any copyright laws.

The MIDI files on this page are for personal use only and must not be
used for public performances.



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