Crosshill - History


  1. August this year the- meanwhile legendary- Blues-Rockband
    "HI HEEL SNEAKERS" plays the last concert.
    After the breakup 3 musicians cultivate the contact.
    Andrea Knapp(Keyboards,Vocals), Walter Fuchs(Drums) and
    Johann G. Hofbauer (Guitars).
  2. Johann G. Hofbauer sets up, after he was occupied for several years
    with an extended kind of alcoholism, the One-Man-Band Project
    "CROSSHILL" and composes instrumental Guitarmusic, immortalized
    on the, in the meantime out of, MC "CROSSHILL" Carry on.
  3. Andrea Knapp, engaged in the education of her son Klaus
    and composing sophisticated Keyboardmusic as well and
    Johann G. Hofbauer- now clean- begin their cooperation.
    "CROSSHILL" is a two persons project now.
  4. Johann G. Hofbauer, meets Keyboarder/Singer
    Petra "PEZ" Pollak(Ex-"BLADERUNNER").
    She is Guest on the CD "CROSSHILL" Black & White
    with her title "The Dream".
  5. A lot of songs where composed. - Crosshill decides to record a "CD".
  6. August- under solid assistance of Walter Fuchs,
    the man in the background and the one constant factor ,
    (anytime when Adrenalin runs out of the ears of the both protagonists)
    CROSSHILL realeases the CD - Black & White!
  7. November - They complete their DEMO-CD "INTENSITY" which contains 15 new CROSSHILL-Songs.

  8. August - CROSSHILL records two songs for the 3 pop-project. November - The DEMO-CD "QUO VADIS" comes out.

  9. Songwriting and rehearsals for a new LIVE-Program.

  10. They are on stage for the first time with their program  "CROSSHILL-unplugged" - a mixture of Blues, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Pop, found tueir own label "bigwheel records"!

  11. CROSSHILL is back on tour


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