You make me cry

©Music:Knapp-Hofbauer - Words: J.G.Hofbauer

They called us Romeo and Juliet
We've never been apart since the day we met
I was in love with you right from the start
But now I'm sitting here with a bleeding, broken heart
You make me cry
I could depend on you, you did everything right
My life has been so easy with you by my side
It seemed that our love will last forever
But it's all over now
You make me cry
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
Just to be with you again
Give us one mor chance to make a brandnew start
Don't leave me standing in the rain
You make me cry
Now you are gone, you left without a word
I feel so sad, I'm deeply hurt
What's coming over you, don't throw your love away
'cause without you, Baby, I can't face another day
You make me cry

© 1997 retour

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