The dream

©Music & Words: Petra Pollak

Friday evening I felt very tired
My room was dark and everything was quiet
I lay down in my bed and soon I fell asleep
Loosing all my conscience, falling in a dream so deep
Colored pictures appeared in front of my eyes
A boat was there and only blue sky
Travelled to some countries, far, far, away
What a fine feeling on this beautifully, sunny day

I dream of a river

I swam around in water blue and clear
Dove in the deep sea, a school of fish was near
And I tried to breath and wondered if I could
Breathing under water, yeah, it feels so cool
Suddenly a dolphin king was here
Swimming round and round me, coming close to me
He smiled at me and said "Let's have some fun"
What an exciting journey just had begun

I dream of the ocean

And I was clinging to his dorsal-fin
Rushing through the waves on his face a broad grin
Suddenly we jerked up high in the sky
The dolphin changed into a bird on which I could fly
I felt my arms changing into wings
From above in the sky I saw so many little things
I was fascinated by myself I could fly
What a fine feeling in the air so high

I dream, I'm flying

And I landed in an enchanted palace
And I felt as if I were Wonderland-Alice
Feeling very short, next moment very tall
I saw Humpty-Dumpty dancing on the wall
Next thing I remember a room was there
With a tester-bed and an easy-chair
I sat down and soon I fell asleep
Loosing all my conciousness, falling in a dream so deep

I dream of a river
I dream of the ocean
I dream, I'm flying
I dream.......a dream?

© 1997 retour

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