©Music & Words: J.G.Hofbauer

You are late, honey!
What happened? Overtime? Aha!
You wanna make love?
Right now? First take a shower!
You give me flowers!? Only bad conscience!
I like flowers if they mean
"I love you" Oh,flowers!
But I hate them if they mean
"It's over"
Tell me the truth! Only the truth Nothing but the truth!
Listen pretty baby, I would never tell you lies
And I will be there to dry the tears in your eyes
Never in my life I would give this love away
I wanna hold, I wanna kiss you
Every night and every day
Stay one more night! Stay one more night!
Is there another woman? I think so!
She is younger than me!? Yes!
She looks better than me!? Yes!
And she is smarter than me!? Oh,yes!
Younger, prettier and smarter!
Come on, look into my eyes!
Your lips would tell me wonderful things,
But your eyes don't lie!
Your Willy can lie!
Tell me all about her!Anything, darling!
Maybe she gives you a gam......
Ten times a day!
But she will never love you like I do
She's doing all those dirty, little things
you like so much, isn't it?
Listen pretty baby..........
© 1997

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