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New Additions

07 MAR 2003 - Updated 78-10 Manifold with picture of Exhaust wrap as example of a bad practice at Paul request.
New Content - 80-30 Starter Solenoids -
Added link and rebuttal to Bob Nuckols article on starter solenoids.

26 FEB 2003 - Updated 79-23 E-shaft Oil Pellet with the spacer dimensions Tracy supplied.

24 FEB 2003 -
New Content - 79-23 E-Shaft Oil Pellet

17 JAN 2003 - Fixed Typo's.

16 JAN 2003 - Added comment on fuel rail location to 23-30 Engine Compartment. General housekeeping. Typo's, links offsite etc.
New Content - 73-20 Fuel Control

14 JAN 2003 - Added a couple more points and corrected Typo in 78-10 Exhaust Manifold. Fixed broken link in 78 - Exhaust menu. Corrected off site link in 78-30 - Turbo.

13 JAN 2003 - I would like to extend my gratitude to Chris and Matt Cosman for their generous hosting of this site for the last two years, and wish them speedy progress on their speedy aircraft.
Since the recent force landing of a rotary powered Velocity there has been an excellent discussion of the best practises of robust exhaust design. I moved a couple of sentences for this article out of 78-20 Muffler.
New Content - 78-10 Exhaust Manifold

21 DEC 2002 - The Site has been migrated to the Cosmans new server. Sorry it took me so long to work out how to get the site back up. My thanks to Matt and his family for continuing to host this site.

22 NOV 2002 - Marc Wiese has his recomendations for replacing the corner apex seal rubber insert.
New Content - 72-23 Apex Seal

28 AUG 2002 - With thanks to Matt Cosman, the long overdue update is here. Added a great safety article on spark plugs from Ed.
New Content - 74-22 Spark Plug Life

26 AUG 2002 - Added two articles recommended by Paul Lamar. The Oil Cooler Reliablity is of great importance.
New Content - 79-41 Oil Cooler ,79-47 NACA ducts,

22 AUG 2002 - Added Tracy's comments to 72-12 Tension Bolts , 74-11 Ignition Timing and Chuck Dunlap's 79-22 Front Cover oil seal leak. Added Ed Andersons high priority warning on stacking a single point failure mode automotive FCU on the failure prone unmodified leading ignition module. Cleaned up so that off site links will now open in their own window.
New Content - 73-11 Pulse Dampener, 74-23 Coil weight, 73-21 Coil triggered FCU Redundancy

14 MAY 2002 - Funny how time flies when you have a little kiddy, and a couple of other interests. I have been investing most of my little spare time in learning about CNC control. I have been noting the posts on the ACRE's newsgroup which contain the wisdom this site aims to capture, and will edit them into essays.
New Content - Link to Pauls excellent article on cooling,

01 JULY 2001 - Today I am adding two of Bill Freemans excellent essays.
New Content - 83-11 Belt PSRU Design, 83-31 Bearing Design

27 JUNE 2001- Wow, time sure flies. A business trip to france, the exams to add the AI to my Austrian A&P (With 777 rating, and study for the Shorts Skyvan), A long weekend in the country with the family and some days off to help out wth maintenance on Pink, and a over a month has raced by since the last entry.
New Content - 74-22 Spark plug.

24 MAY 2001 - Added to 79-20 Oil Distribution and 72-12 Tension bolts

16 MAY 2001 - Fixed 28-10 Aircraft Fuel System to open in frame. Added to 72-12 Tension bolts
New Content - 79-20 Oil Distribution

14 MAY 2001 -
New Content - 74-21 Coils

10 MAY 2001 - Added to 83-30 gearbox bearings, and 72-12 Tension bolts
New Content - 28-10 Aircraft Fuel System

08 MAY 2001- Added to 83-30 gearbox bearings, and 72-12 Tension bolts
New Content - 72-40 Cooling, 72-42 Radiator Hoses

07 MAY 2001 - Migrated the site to, web space graciously provided by the Cosman's. Hopefully this is the last URL change you will all have to bookmark.
New Content - 72-12 Tension Bolts

06 MAY 2001 - Redrew Jerry Bass's Ross 2.85:1 thrust bearing cap in Autocad, and added it to 83-30 Gearbox bearings

04 MAY 2001 -
New Content - 72-46 Cooling Theory

02 MAY 2001 -
New Content - 79-21 Oil Pump Keyway incident 78-30 Turbo General

01 MAY 2001 -Corrected errors in 83-30 Gearbox bearings. Added reference to AC 43.13-1b
New Content - 24-30 Electrical Harnesses

30 APR 2001 - I realised I had an upper case R in Rotary in the website name. Didn't realise http: was case sensitive, corected. Everyone will need to update their bookmarks.
New Content - 83-30 Gearbox bearings, 71-11 Engine Orientation

29 APR 2001 - In response to numerous Emails, added note to home page indicating that the site is not yet fully populated with content.
New Content - 78-20 Muffler

28 APR 2001 - Corrected Error in ATA 71. Added reference to Cooling in 72 and 79. Credited Dale Smith with the idea for a best practices site on the home page.Reduced the line spacing of most menu items. Removed ugly frame lines from frame set.
New Content -Added 26-30 Engine Compartment Fire protection.
Added 79-50 Gearbox Lubrication.

26 APR 2001 - Generated basic frameset. Loaded site for initial peer critique.