Johann Georg von Hamilton (1672-1737): Neput,  Apfelschimmel im Galopp.

Welcome to the Home Page of the Lipizzan Web Ring

This WebRing links pages devoted to the Lipizzan breed of horses. Each member site has the logo below which allows users to move around the ring, from one site to another.

All sites that are relevant and potentially of interest to the admirers ot the Lipizzan are invited to join this ring. The procedure involves a few simple steps.

  • Membership is free
  • Additional visitors will be attracted to your site
  • Your site is automatically listed in the WebRing index.

The Lipizzan breed -- as summarized by the The Lipizzan Association of North America:

Developed exclusively by the Hapsburg monarchy for its use during times of war and peace, the Lipizzan is the true horse of royalty. Four hundred years of selective breeding have made the Lipizzan one of Europe's oldest breeds of horse. The Lipizzan's historical and cultural development enhances its mystique. Physically capable of withstanding the demands of the Airs Above the Ground, this baroque mount was bred to perform haute ecole dressage at the Spanish Riding School and owes its survival to the intervention of American General George S. Patton during World War II.

Current Status

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The Logo

This is the logo of the Lipizzan Web Ring that every member has on their web page:

Johann Georg von Hamilton (1672-1737): Neput,  Apfelschimmel im Galopp.
© Lipizzaner Museum, Vienna.
Linking the Admirers of the Lipizzan

The LipizzanWebRing is maintained by Barbara L. Wutte.
This site is maintained by the Webmaster of Lipizzan Web Ring Home Page.

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Once you register your site to join the Lipizzan Web Ring, you automatically get a customized HTML fagment that builds this logo. You just/copy paste it into your page.

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The 5 Steps

The procedure for joining the Lipizzan Web Ring is as follows:

1. Make sure that your site really has Lipizzan-related content.
Would someone visiting your site automatically think "Lipizzan"?
Is it obvious by your web site that you are a breeder, a competitor, a club, an organization or that you buy, raise, sell, train, register or in some very OBVIOUS way are involved with Lipizzans?
2. Make sure that your site conforms to the requited criteria (no adult content or links to such sites, no propaganda or offensive materials, etc.).
3. If your site meets these conditions, please join the Lipizzan Web Ring by submitting your site information. Remember the password that you choose for this ring.
4. You will receive an e-mail message with your site ID and the required HTML code for your site.
5. Edit the page of your site that you specified when registering (the URL that you entered) and
  • Add the HTML fragment that you received via e-mail.
  • Add the GIF file of the logo.
  • Test your page. When you are satisfied that it is working correctly, notify the Ringmaster who will check your page and, if satisfactory, will add your page to the ring.

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Join the Lipizzan Web Ring

If you have a Lipizzan-related site and you would like to join the Lipizzan Web Ring please add your site to the queue by filling out the following form:

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Once your code is in place and the graphic images are uploaded to your server drop the Ringmaster a quick note and you will become an active site in the Lipizzan Web Ring.

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Edit Your Site Information

For existing Lipizzan Web Ring Members: To edit your existing site, e.g. your site title or your URL, or to check your customized HTML, please enter:

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HTML Fragment

Once you have registered your site, you will automativally receive an e-mail message with a fragment of customized HTML code. You can look up this customized HTML for your site at any time by using the edit function.

The Image (GIF) for the Logo

Right click and 'Save Image As . . .' Save a copy of this image by right-clicking it and using the "Save Image As . . . " option of your browser.

Do not change the name. Store it in the same directory as the HTML code.

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Some Interesting Links

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