If you want to play a mod on the Zone you and your players needthe same mod.

Only mods with "WORK IN MULTIPLAYER", can be played without that anyoneneeds it.
Means, you can install and play on the zone without a problem.

BotF need these 3 ports:
TCP 47624
TCP 2300
UDP 2350

If you have a router you need to forward all tree ports to your machine
Read the router manual to do that!

If you have a firewall, open all tree BotF ports
Read the manual to do that
or search for directplay portforwarding (directx 7)
Most you`ll find open 2300-2400 tcp/udp
Do not place your computer into a DMZ (security risk)!
Do not forget
to set this for all opponents
opponent 1: IP
opponent 2: IP
In this situation you must open the ports for both Ip addresses
or (mean everyone) but thats "risky"
Check you firewallogs to be shure none of these ports are blocked

Windows firewall:
Copy both lines into the command-line
netsh firewall add portopening TCP 47624 BotF ENABLE ALL
netsh firewall add portopening TCP 2300 BotF-Directplay ENABLE ALL
netsh firewall add portopening UDP 2300 BotF-Directplay-UDP ENABLE ALL
if you want to open a port to a specific address use CUSTOM
Do not forget to change the rule name "BotF-Directplay-UDP" if you set this up more than once
netsh firewall add portopening UDP 2300 BotF-Directplay-UDP ENABLE CUSTOM
Yes for all 3 ports

Hamachi is popular to interconnect, but this type of connection adds latency.

Determine you latency to your target
Just use ping in you command-line
ping <target>
over 250ms is not soooo good

Do not download anything while you want to play

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