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there are 3 possible downloads available
1. is an standard FTP download
2. is an FILESHARING download (eDonkey2000)
3. is an standard HTTP download
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  • FTP download
    PASV (Passive Transfer-mode)
    If you don`t know what PASV is google

    GetRight FlashGet Go!Zilla
    use one of this (or similar) tools for downloading (downloadManager)
    They are free and can resume broken downloads
    Without them download could be a pain
    Ever run a download at 97% and lost connection?

  • eDonkey2000
    You need a client

  • HTTP download
    look at FTP download

    BotF standard for moders
    made by Joker
     Webpage  WebpageWebmaster

    1.350.890 Bytes
    md5 64b2bc1b0b1394a8d969b80a332af188
    sha1 d869e7797750f811a4c6f6883644c007c76fb935

    This files must be used if you want to make a BotF mod where *.hob and/or texure [*.gif] files where changed.
    This is necesarry for in-game compatibility!

    Mod-user need this file only IF:
    a mod require this file!
    If you have installed BotF standard for moders once, you dont need to install it a 2nd time

    BotF update/patch
    made by Joker
     Webpage  WebpageWebmaster

    Update 1.0.2 for 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, English, German
    Dated 2006.08.10
    3.539.575 Bytes
    md5 e5af0df91c39c1e4dc3deff846ba7b64
    sha1 3ec10d0c5dd1148af940c5c0538e28232d9ac4a9

    Patch Tactical Combat [!!!japan!!! version only]
    670.078 Bytes
    md5 9eb944758411505817eca60c64aab49b
    sha1 9ab00883e84c49b08eae008339ec1c27389239db

    If you want to import 3D models into BotF
    convert *.flt to *.hot to *.hob

    437.721 Bytes
    md5 544d51a42238e10da5493fc158a54d8a
    sha1 596a6e443371d7e9837f48a3dc40f3920b764bb9

    Hades 3D patch v.1.1

    5.239.537 Bytes
    md5 fb81adf498540ef695f893bae695a0aa
    sha1 98caf096f2f785f65beb74ee8e52eaf2337b7cbf

    includes 3D support into BotF
    Read the readme after download [thats important]!

    Campatible with:
    copy the gif`s from Hades-patch into the multipack-folder
    to replace the 512x512 pixel texture with the 256x256 pixel texture from the hades-patch
    Building mod 1.02/1.1.0
    Planet mod
    Morale mod
    Torpedo mod 2.1
    are only 256 pixel big, no need to replace
    Phaser mod
    are hob files no need to replace
    Enhanced mod 0.50.a
    only tga`s; no need to replace
    Texture mod 1.01
    copy the gif`s from Hades-patch into the texture-folder
    to replace the 512x512 pixel texture with the 256x256 pixel texture from the hades-patch

    I dont know if you can use hades-3Dpatch with the dom-mod 1.0.2

    Hacking BotF
    made by ???
    39.586 Bytes
    md5 d9034ae53a335f5ae06912e2f95b3495
    sha1 8ec61e76efeedb66cbb8a3bf375461d57b75ecbb

    Hack list for BotF in doc format
    For Shiplist.sst,Shiptech.sst, Shipdesc.sst

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