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Namori Wesa dediccaded themselves to the Siamese and Oriental short-hair breeding. One wunderfull stud from this cattery is our Moondancer. I once adopted my very first Siamese from Alexandra and Claus Mörz. Since then nor only our common Loce to Siamese and Orientals but also a hearty and deep friendship connects us. (in German)

Felidae's are famous for their goot typed and extraordinary British Shortheir and Devon rex. In addition, we adore their origian nothern german "Rote Grütze mit Klötenköhmsahne". (in German)

Fledermausfels devoted themselves to the breeding of red Siamese with good type. Everybody knows their stud A Lang Thai´s Winnetou. (in German)

Traum von FF - here you get to know the obligated and well known breedress of Siamese and Orientals The Friskovec from Slovenia.

Miau-Kuai - to complete the presentation of our friends we would like to introduce you to the cattery of Margarete Dewitz-Reiter and Wolfgang Reiter. Many greetings to the sister of our beloved Samira.

Vom Keilberg is the cattery name of Dorie Seitinger, who presents her Balinese and Malteser on her site. This demonstrates that cat and dog are not necessarily a contradiction. Especially when there are whelps . . .

Here Esther introduces herself and her wonderful siamese and orientals. We wish here and here beautiful cats good luck and especially health.

Danny and Geert present their loving catery "Once Upon A Time" of siamese and orientals. One Juwel of this catery - Once Upon A Time Casta Diva - has traveled the long way from Brussels/Belgium to Salzburg in November 2002 and lights up our house with her grace and good character since then.


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