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The Decicions of the English Judges, During the Usurpation.

Printed for G. Hamitlon and J. Balfour, Edinburgh. MDCC LXII - 1762.  
A very interesting work for people researching family history, genealogy and Scottish history aswell as early Scottish Law. Many names and relationships can be found here in addition to the court's judgement - see the example below. A complete list of surnames is also listed below. It compliments "Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session" which covers the subsequent years.

The Decisions of the English Judges, During the Ursupation,

From the Year 1655, to his Majesty's Restoration, and the sitting down of the Session in June 1661.

A total of 243 pages.

The information contained within summarises many court cases of the time, including names of pursurers and defenders, and often their spouses and relationships between one another. The full court case can then be looked up at the Scottish Record Office.

An example of the type of information to be found:
Jean Beyne contra Henry Coupar
Jean Beyne being possessor of a room, wherein she and her umquhile husband had a tack, belonging to the Lord Balvaird, who, being out of the country, had constituted Mr John Barclay commissioner and factor in all his affairs; and by contract betwixt the said Mr William and Jean her consent on the one part, and Henry Cowpar on the part, that the room was let to Henry for nineteen years, reserving to Jean certain houses and acres thereof, and some coals and poultry yearly, and Mr William was obliged to procure the Lord Balvaird's ratification of renunciation of the tack; whereupon Jean charges Henry Cowpar for her part of the duties, and Mr William to fullfil his obligement; And they suspending, it was alleged for Henry Cowpar, That he could not be liable for these duties, because he hath renounced his tack to the Lord Balvaird, with whose commission he had only transacted. It was answered for the charger, That Henry Cowpar could not renounce the tack, wherein there was articles in her favours, without her consent, to her prejudice; and that registration and horning was competent to her upon that contract, for the articles therein produced in her favours, herself being a consenter. The Commissioners replied the reasons, and found the letters orderly proceeded against both.


Adam, Airly (Earl of), Aitken, Minister of Aiton, Aldie (Laird of), Alexander, Allan, Anderson, Andrew, Angus (Lady), Angus (Earl of ), Annandale (Earl of), Areskine, Argyle (Earl of), Aslone, Auchinleck (Lord), Ayton (Minister of), Aytoun (Lord)

Bailie, Baillie, Bain, Baird, Balfour, Ballantyne, Balmerino (Lord), Balnaves, Balwaird (Lord), Bannantine, Barber, Barnschougal, Baxter, Baynes, Beaty, Beith, Bennerman, Bernard, Beatson, Bell, Bennerman, Bettie, Beyne, Bichie, Biggar, Bilton, Birkenboig, Birse, Blackburn, Blackington (Lady), Blairhall, Blantyre (Lord), Boig, Borthwick, Boswell, Boyd (Lord), Bossie, Braidie, Brechin (Lord), Brisbane, Bredie, Brown, Bruce, Bryce, Bryson, Buccleugh (Countess of), Buccleugh (Earl of), Buchan, Buchan (Earl of), Burleigh (Lord), Burnet, Burrows, Byres

Caithness (Earl of), Calderhall, Calendar (Earl of), Cameron, Camnethan, Campbell, Cant, Caprinton, Carmichael, Carrier, Cassills (Earl of), Caskiben, Cathcart, Cavers, Cheifly, Chrifty, Chulveins, Clackmannan (Laird of), Clarkington (Lady), Clerk, Cloverhill, Clunny, Clytoun, Cochran, Cockburn, Cockburne, Cocklaby, Colvill (Lord), Corbet, Corphin, Coupar, Coupar (Lord), Coupland, Cowie, Craichlaw, Craig, Craigdarroch, Craigievar, Craigingalt, Cranstoun (Lord), Crawford, Cray, Cromarty (Minister of), Crookshanks, Cuningham, Cunninghamhead (Laird of), Cutherbertson

Dalhousie (Lord), Dalmahoy (Laird of), Dalyrymple, Dalziel, Dauling, Dawson, Deans, Denmuir, Denniston, De la Sause, Dick, Dickson, Donaldson, Douglas, Drum (Laird), Dry, Dudhope (Lord), Duff, Duffus, Dunbar, Duncan, Dundas, Dunfermline (Earl of), Dunlop, Dunmoir, Dunmuir, Dunmuir (Lord), Durham

Edgar, Edger, Edmoniton, Eglington (Earl of), Elfick, Elleis, Ellinworth, Elphington, Errol (Earl of), Erskine, Ewing, Eytoune

Falconar, Farquhar, Ferguson, Fergusson, Fish, Fleeming, Fleming, Fletcher, Forbes, Forrest, Forsyth, Frazer, Frendraught (Lady)

Gaitgirth (Laird of), Galbraith, Galloway (Earl of), Garden, Gardener, Gell, Gib, Gibson, Gilchrist, Giles, Gilmore, Glass, Glenorchy, Glorat (Laird of), Gordon, Graham, Grahame, Grange (Laird of), Gray, Grant, Gregory, Greig, Greir, Greirson

Haddington (Lord), Halley, Hallis, Halls, Halyburton, Halkerton, Hamilton, Harper, Harrow, Hartfield (Earl of), Hastie, Hay, Henderson, Hepburn, Herries, Hyslop, Hodge, Hog, Home, Hope, Houston (Lady), Hume, Hunthill, Hunter, Hutchison

Imerhead, Innercarity, Innes, Irvine, Irving

Jack, Jarden, Jeffray, Johnstoun, Jonkin

Kello, Kellow, Kelly, Kennedy, Ker, Kilbucho (Lady), Kilbucho (Laird of), Kilmarnock, Kilsyth , Kilsyth (Laird of), Kincairdine (Earl of), Kinghorn (Earl of), Kingston, Kinloch, Kirklaw, Kirktons, Kirkud

Lammerton (Laird of), Langton (Lady), Lanton (Lady), Lauder, Law, Lay, Leitchfield, Leslie, Lesmuir, Leven (Earl of), Liddle, Lindsay, Livingston, Lochtour (Lady), Lockhart, Logan, Logar, Loudon, Louston, Lugton (Lady of), Lumsden, Lyell, Lyon

Mackerston (Laird of), Mair, Maitland, Mar (Earl of), Mariners, Marischall (Earl), Mark, Martin, Mason, Masterton, Mathie, Maxwell, Maxwelton, May (Laird of), McClear, McClellan, McCulloch, McDougal, McDougald, McDonald, McGill, McIntosh, McKally, McKell, McKenzie, McLean, McLurg, McMath, McNaught, McPherson, McRonald, Meldrum, Mercer, Metrift, Mill, Miller, Minto, Minto (Lady), Mitchell, Moore, Monro, Monteith, Montgomery, Mordington (Minister of), More, Morison, Morton (Earl of), Mosley, Mowbray, Mowsual (Laird of), Mudie, Muir, Muire, Muirhead, Murray, Murray (Countess of), Murray (Earl of), Muschet, Museroy, Mushet

Naesmith, Nairn, Nairne, Newark (Laird of), Nicolson, Niddery, Niddie, Nisbet, Nithsdale (Earl of), Niven

Ogilvy, Oldairny, Oliphant, Oliver, Otteritane (Lady)

Park, Paterson, Patens, Paton, Peter, Philp, Philorth, Philorth (Laird of), Pitcairn, Pitfoddells, Plufcardy, Polmais (Lord), Porterfield, Pourie, Pout, Powet, Preston, Purveyance

Ramsay, Rea, Reddy, Reid, Reidhall, Reids, Renton, Riccart, Richard, Riddochs, Rob, Robertson, Rochead, Rollo, Ross, Roswald, Roxburgh (Earl of), Ruckarts, Rule, Rutherfoord, Rutherford, Ruthven

Sandilands, Sandylands, Scot, Scotscraig (Lady), Scougal, Scrymgeors, Seaton, Selrig, Seton, Sexton, Sharp, Shaw, Sight (Laird of), Simson, Sinclair, Smeiton Hepburn (Larid of), Smith, Southesk (Lord), Southall (Lord), Spenzie (Lord), Spittle, Spot (Lady), Spot (Laird of), Stark, Steven, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling, Stormont (Lord), Stows (Laird of), Straton, Swinton, Sydserf

Tackit, Thenniston, Thoirs, Thomson, Tillyboll (Laird of), Toft (Lady), Touch, Touch (Laird of), Traquair (Earl of), Traquair (Lord), Trent, Troop, Trotter, Troy, Tullibardine (Earl of), Tulloch, Turnbull, Tweeddale (Countess of), Tyrie


Vane, Veitch

Waddel, Wakingshaw, Wallace, Wamphrey, Warrander, Wauchop, Waughton, Wedderburn, Wedderburn (Laird of), Weir, Welshes, Whenley, Whenthry, Wilkie, Wilkison, Williamson, Willock, Wilson, Winderhame, Wyllie

Young, Younger

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