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Extracts from the Records of The Royal Burgh of Stirling, A.D. 1519-1666, with Appendix, A.D. 1295-1666.

Glasgow, Printed for the Glasgow Stirlingshire and Sons of the Rock Society. 1887.  

This CD is fully searchable.
A very interesting work for people researching family history, genealogy and Scottish history aswell as aspects of the Royal Burgh of Stirling. Many names and relationships can be found contained within the records aswell as aspects of peoples lives. A complete list of surnames is also listed below.





A.D. 1519 - 1666

WITH APPENDIX, A.D. 1295 - 1666.

The records contain a rich assortment of facts, and a real insight into life in the Burgh of Stirling between 1519 and 1666. The fixing of beer prices, the casting of a new bell, arming the town against the English invasion. Mentions are made of the town and townsfolk in connection with Mary, Queen of Scot's, Cromwell, James I, Charles I and Charles II. There are records concerning measures to be taken against leprosy, two monks accused of having lepracy, council elections, the donation of Cowan's Hospital, fixing of duties, markets, fish not to be bought by hucksters till twelve noon, banishments from the town, the grammar school, acquittal for slaying a sow, Robert Dowgal put in the stocks, persons allowed to pass to Renfrew for herring, woman fined for disturbance and assult, sale of a smith's tools for support of widow and son, two women blamed with witchcraft, along with many, many other records. An absolutley fascinating set of records.

The scanned images are all contained within a well presented PDF file on the CD, not individual files like some CD's that you get. The book's text is searchable, enabling you to find the information you are looking for quickly, or you can just browse through if you like.

Surnames included in the records

Abercromby (Abhircrummy), Abernethy (Abyrnethy), Adam, Admowty, Affleck (Effleck), Aikman, Ainslie (Aynslie), Airmene, Airth (Archt), Airthe, Aisson (Ayssoun), Aitken (Ackyne, Aickin), Aldcorne, Alexander (Alschinder), Allan, Allasoun, Anderson, Adam, Angusson, Aquhonam, Archibald, Argyle, Arnot, Arran, Auchinbowy, Auchmowtie, Avendale

Bachope, Badger, Baillie, Baird, Balfour, Balrocht, Banks, Bar, Barclay, Barra, Barry, Bathelem, Batlaw, Bell, Bellenden, Belsches, Beltmaker, Bennett, Bennie (Benne), Berran, Berrie, Bethok, Bisset,
Blacadder (Blakadir), Blackburn, Blair, Blakstoun, Blakwood, Blink, Borell, Bow, Bowy (Bvvy), Bowyie, Bradye, Brassie, Brown (Broun), Bruce  (Brus, Broys), Bryce, Buchan, Buchanan  (Buchquhanan), Bully, Burn, Burne

Cairnes (Carnis), Callendar, Callender (Calentar), Cameron, Campbell, Campbell and Lome, Cant,
Cardross, Carmichael, Carswell (Carswele), Cassilis, Castellaw, Chalmers, Christie (Criste), Christison (Cristesoun), Clerk (Clark), Cloberrie, Clune, Cochrane, Cockburn (Cokburne, Kokburn), Coling, Colly, Colquhoun, Colterar, Corntoun, Cosbie, Cosour, Cottrall, Couper, Cousland, Coutts (Kowtis),  Cowan, Cox, Craigingelt, Craig (Crag), Craigorth (Cragortht, Craguorth), Crawford, Crechton, Crichton (Crychton), Cripple, Croiff, Cultis, Cunningham  (Cuninggame), Cuthbertson

Dalgleish, Dalzell, Darnley (Dernly), Darow (Darrocht, Dorrocht), Davesoun, Davie, Daw, Dawson (Dawsoun, Davisoun), Dennestoun, Dick, Dickbie, Dickson (Dicksoun), Donaldson, Douglas, Dowgall, Downie, Drummond, Duche, Duchok, Duguid, Duncan, Duncanson, Dundas, Durame (Durehame), Durham, Dykes

Easson, Edmeston, Edmond (Edmen), Edmonston, Ednem, Ednom, Eduein, Efflek, Elles, Elphinstoun (Elphingstone), Erskine (Erskyn), Erth, Esok, Esplene, Ewing (Ewin), Ewinson

Fargy, Feilden, Fentoun, Ferguson, Ferny (Fairny), Ferreare, Fethie, Fidlar, Finlayson (Fyndelosoun),
Finnie, Fisher (Fischair), Fleming (Flyming), Foirlie, Forbes, Forcane, Forester (Forestare, Forster), Forneir, Forsyth (Foryicht), Fothringham, Foullar, Fourtoun, Fowler, Franch, Fraser (Frissall), Fresare

Gairdner, Galbraith (Galbracht), Galloway, Gawie, Geagie, Geichane, Gentilman, Gib, Gillane (Gullane, Gullein), Gillespy (Gillaspy), Glaye, Goffe, Gorge, Goring, Gourlay, Gowane, Graham (Grame, Gryme), Grant, Gray, Greg, Greneyards, Grieve (Greif), Guthrie

Hagy, Haistie, Haldane (Halden), Hales, Hall, Hamilton, Hannay, Harower, Hart, Hay, Heartlie, Henderson (Henrysoun), Hendry, Hepburn, Herring (Hering), Hill (Hyl), Hog, Holburn, Home, Hope (Houpe), Hopper, Houstoun (Howstone), Hume, Hungatt, Hunter (Hountter), Huntly, Hutching (Huchoun), Hutoun, Hynd, Hyrdman

Ingleram, Innes, Irvine (Irrewin)

Jak, Jamieson (Jameson), Jarva, Jeffrey (Japhray, Jalfray), Johnston (Johnstoun, Johensoun)

Keir (Kars, Keirs, Kere), Kers, Kennedy (Kanydi), Ker (Kar), Kerslaw, Kid (Kyd), Kidston, Kilbowie, Kincaid (Kynkaid, Kinked), Kinloch, Kinnear (Kymeir), Kinros, Kirk, Kirkwood, Kyrkoud, Knychtlie, Kynbuk

Lachand, Lamb (Lam), Lambert, Lang (Layng), Lanorok, Lanerok, Lapslie, Lauder (Lawder), Law, Lawrie (Lowrie, Lowrye,  Lawrye), Lawson (Lausoun), Lechford, Legat, Leirmouth, Leishman (Lyeisman), Lennox, Leslie, Lilburne, Lindsay, Linton (Lyntoun), Litstar, Littlejohn (Littljohen), Livingston (Levinstoun), Logan, Lokart, Lorne, Lowdeane, Lyle, Lyon

Make (Makke), Males (Malice), Mane, Marjorybanks, Markhame, Makcalpyn, Marshall (Merschal),
Masterton, Matesone (Mathesoun), Maxwell (Maxwale), May, Mean, Meiklejohn, Menzies, Mereleis,
Merjorybanks, Mettyme, Millar, Milne, Mitchell (Mychill), Modrell, Moffat, Moisley, Moncrieff (Muncrife), Monro, Monteith (Mentecht), Montgomery (Montgumre), Monucht, Moreis, Morison, Mouch, Mowbray, Mudie, Muir (Mur, Mure), Muirhead (Mureheid), Mukcart, Murdoch, Murieson, Murray (Murra), Murreff, Muschet, Myllington, Mylmy, Myrtoun, M'Alan, M'Aulay, M'Beathe, M'Calpy, Makcalpyn, Makcaw, Makcawys, M'Clery (Makeleiry), M'Cummy, Makdikim (M'Dicoun),
M'Farlane (Makfarlan), Makfersane, Makhecardych, M'Keson, M'Lellan (M'Clellane), M'Nacht (Maknaktis), M'Nair, Maknellen, M'William

Nairn (Naerne), Napier (Neaper), Neilson, Neische, Nicoll, Nicolsoun, Niddisdaill, Nochell, Norrie, Norton, Norwell (Norvell)

Offeris, Ogilby, Ogilvie, O'Kie, Orr (Or, Ore), Orrock, Osburne, Oswald, Oven

Park, Parker (Parqueir), Paterson, Patonson, Patoun, Porter (Portare), Porterfield, Portuous, Purves (Pruves)


Ra (Ray), Ramsay, Rath, Read, Redhucht (Reddocht), Reid, Richardson (Richartson, Richertsoun), Richart, Rid, Rind, Ritchie (Ritsche), Robertson (Robeson, Robysoun), Robin (Robene), Rollo, Rollock, Ronald, Ros, Rouchlan, Row, Rowan, Rule, Russell, Ruth, Rutherfurd (Rudderfurd),

Salterson, Sampsoun, Sanchair, Sandelands, Scheves (Schevys), Scott, Semple (Sympill), Service,
Setoun (Seytoun), Sharp, Shaw (Schaw), Shearer, Short, Sibbald, Sim (Sym), Simon (Symun), Simson, (Symsoun), Sinclair, Skene, Sklaiter, Smale, Smart, Smetoune, Smith (Smyth), Smithsone, Soirlie, Somerville (Scumervaill, Somervaile), Speir, Speirs (Speris), Spencer, Spittall (Spettale), Spottiswood, Stanhope, Starrat, Stene, Stevenson (Steinsoun), Stewart, Stirling (Striveling, Sterling), Stoddart, Strachy, Straton (Straittoun), Studeman, Suanleye, Summervale, Sutherland, Sword, Sydserf, Symontoun, Synell

Tait, Taylour, Telfer (Tailyeffer), Tempelton, Tennant (Tenent), Teringhame, Thoir, Thom, Thomlinsone, Thomson, Totterer, Tucker


Vane, Vilares

Waird, Wallace, Wardsley, Watsoun,  Webster (Wobstair), Weland, Wemyss, Whaley, Whitelaw, Whyte, Will, Williamson, Wilson (Willesoun), Winrahame (Winderhame), Winsoir, Wood (Wod, Wode), Wright (Wrycht), Wyeis,

Yair, Yester, Yos, Young, Yule (Youle)

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