Radar Rat Race for the Atari 800XL

I made a port of the old and very simple game Radar Rat Race to the Atari 800XL. It was originally written by the company Commodore back in 1982 for the Commodore 64. The game is based on Namco's arcade classic "Rally X", and, even if the game is so primitive, I liked to play it quite often on my C64 back in those days.

Similar to my former conversions, the original Commodore program is just running 1:1 on the Atari 800XL computer, which has the same CPU as the C64. The Commodore's graphics and sound effects were replaced by more or less equivalent Atari 800 XL routines. This port was really very easy. Contrary to the C64, the nerve-racking in-game music can be switched on and off in my Atari version by the "Option" key.

The program can be downloaded as an executable file here: rrr.xex

It is also available as an atr file here: rrr.atr

Here are two screenshots of the game on the Atari:

Norbert Kehrer's Atari 800 Radar Rat Race Port Norbert Kehrer's Atari 800 Radar Rat Race Port

Have fun!